Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Skater Vid Task List


General Rules.
-Entries must be at least 4 minutes long. No set maximum time limit.
-Entries must have at least 25 tasks completed.
-Entries must have a graphic for the total amount of points earned at the end of the edit.
-Entry deadline May 31

Bonus Tasks
30pts- 30mph Skitch
30pts- Reverse pole jam (Ollie into a pole jam)
20pts- Get 3 babes to smooch your lens (Must be babes)
10pts- nose bonk 3 shuv
10pts- no comply big heel

Miscellaneous (non-skating)

10 pts
___Win the taco bell game
___Eat 3 raw eggs
___Get kicked out of 3 restaurants
___Shotgun a beverage
___Catch a bird with your bare hands
___Shoulder tap prank 3 different strangers
___Cookout at a spot
___Make a DIY spot and skate it
___Glued quarter prank
___Roast marshmallows on lights
___Catch a fish
20 pts
___5 tasks in one clip
___Do 5 pull ups on a moving train/metro
___Drive by water balloon someone
___Dine and ditch
___Sticker slap a cop car
___Eat a worm
___Focus a board with no shoes on
___Throw a t.v./computer off of a roof
___Rollie-pollie off a loading dock

30 pts
___Jump off something 15+ feet into water
___Eat a bowl of cereal in a supermarket
___Swallow 10 pebbles
___Make a bubble bath in a public fountain
___Shave a teammates eyebrows

Miscellaneous (skating)

10 pts
___Do a flip trick over a fire
___Skate a backyard pool/halfpipe
___Kickflip into a grass hill bomb
___Do a trick over roadkill
___Make an unskateable spot skateable and skate it
___4+ person party line
___Skate a fence
___Barefoot line (3+ tricks)
___Switch wallie
___Self filmed line (3+ tricks)
___Skate inside a house
___Ollie a 4+ while on the phone
___Skate a tree
___Film a line and pass the camera off to another person during it
___Skate target balls
___Moving bro flip (one teammate ollies and the other flips the board. The teammate who did the ollie lands on the board)

20 pts
___Ollie off something 10ft+
___Kickflip footplant a team member
___Film a 3+ trick line in a store
___No comply a pole jam
___2 members of the team do a line while holding hands
___Throw up in the middle of a line
___Skate a 6+ in your boxers
___Skate a car
___Switch hill bomb
___Do a trick with fireworks
___Ollie to fakie on a quarter pipe and filmer grabs the board while in the air
___Powerslide a manual pad
___Fs wallride
___Powerslide through something on fire
___Footplant a fire hydrant
___Do a line on a filmer board (3+ tricks)
___Hang ten nollie 360 shuv (Both feet on the nose of the board)
___Ollie a roof into a pool

30 pt
___Hippie jump a picnic table
___Flip trick to wallride
___Caveman off a persons shoulders
___Wallie to grind/slide
___Treflip with your shoe laces tied together
___Skate an indoor set
___Noseslide body varial to bs tailslide
___Drop in blindfolded
___Ghost ride your car, get out do a fliptrick, and get back in
___Cut the kink off a rail and skate it
___Wallie to rocket air

Grinds and Slides (rails, ledges, handrails, etc.)

10 pts
___Bennett grind
___Gap to crook
___Bs hurricane
___Fs hurricane
___Double flip to boardslide
___10 tricks on a ledge in a row
___Bigspin to boardslide
___Bigspin out of a grind (no slides)
___Fs smith fs shuv out
___Fs board 360 shuv
___Willie grind a rail

20 pts
___Fs banana slide bigspin out (noseslide and tailslide at the same time)
___Bs banana slide
___Fs shuv nosegrind
___Nollie bs heelflip bs lip
___One foot fs board
___Kickflip bs feeble
___Grind slide grind (All in the same trick.)
___Grind to firecracker
___Kickflip fs 5-0
___Feeble to 50-50 to feeble on a rail (All in the same trick)
___Fs 5-0 bs bigspin out
___Fs board kickflip out
___Bs feeble to bs lip
___Fs boardslide to fs lip
___Bs tail varial kickflip out
___270 to lipslide
___Kickflip fs noseslide 270 out

30 pts
___Bs tail kickflip out
___Feeble kickflip out
___Flip trick in and out of a grind
___Nollie bs heelflip bs lip
___Bs boardslide to switch fs boardslide
___Natas spin
___Switch fs blunt
___Bigflip fs board
___Combo grind a ledge/rail (4+ grinds in the same trick)
___Fs 5-0 treflip out
___Fs blunt bigspin out
___Fs tailslide hardflip out
___Bs 270 bs tailslide
___5-0 10ft+ on a round rail

Handrails and Hubbas (no flatbars or flat ledges)

10 pts
___Filmer hit a handrail
___Bs crook 6+
___Bs feeble 6+
___Fs board 6+
___Line with 2 handrails/hubbas
___Fs smith a 6+
___Bs board a 10+
___Footplant on a handrail

20 pts
___Caveman fs lip a handrail
___Do a trick on a handrail/hubba while drinking something
___50-50 bs 180 a 6+
___Bs lip a 7+
___Nollie crook a 6+
___Skate a handrail with your trucks backwards.
___3 consecutive tricks on a handrail/hubba
___Do a trick on a handrail to manual
___Bro 50-50 down a handrail (one person holds a board on the rail and the other jumps on the board)

30 pts
___Fliptrick into a grind/slide
___5 tricks down a 8+
___Skate a handrail switch
___Drop in 50-50 a handrail
___Skate up a handrail
___Skate a handrail in your boxers
___5-0 a round handrail 7+
___Koston grind a 6+ (Nollie fs 180 switch bs feeble)
___Noseblunt a hubba
___Fs blunt a 7+
___Kickflip bs tail a handrail/hubba

Stairs and Gaps
+2 points extra for every step above requirement

10 pts
___Triple flip a 4+
___Kickflip up 4+
___Body varial down a 4+
___Manny to ollie a 4+
___Hardflip and inward heel the same set 4+
___4 heelflip variations down a 4+
___Ollie highfive a 5+
___2 members of the team do a trick down a 5+ at the same time
___Ollie a 5+ with shoes on the opposite feet
___No comply up a 3+

20 pts
___No comply a 6+
___Ollie up a 5+
___Every kickflip down a 4+ (switch, nollie, fakie, regular)
___No comply flip a 5+
___6 tricks down a 6+
___Polejam a board over a gap or set
___Biggerspin a 4+
___Bigflip a 6+
___360 shuv a 6+
___Halfcab heel a 6+
___Airwalk a 7+
___Impossible a 4+
___Nollie bigspin a 6+
___Fingerflip a 5+
___Powerslide firecracker a 4+
___5 180 tricks down a 5+
___Hardflip a 6+
___Boneless a 10+
___10 tricks down a 4+
___3 fakie/nollie tricks down a 5+
___Ollie a 4+ onto someone elses board

30 pts
___Fullcab kickflip a 4+
___Firecracker 7+
___Ollie a 15+
___Backside Halfcab down 7+ (the blind way)
___Backside Flip then Half-cab flip two 4+ sets in a row
___Nollie Varial Flip 7+
___Any grab down a 14+
___Fakie kickflip a 10+
___Double flip a double set
___Switch ollie a 10+
___Nollie flip a 8+
___Late flip any set
___Ollie a 4+ blindfolded
___Early grab an 8+ (No ollie just go as fast as you can, grab the board, and float over the set)
___Ollie a roof gap with someone standing in the gap
___Fliptrick off a roof
___360 inward heel a 5+
___Ollie a 4+ onto another board

+2 points extra for every step above requirement

10 pts
___Wallie to manual
___Pop shuv manual
___10 manual tricks
___Inverted manual
___Manual kickflip out

20 pts
___Grind/slide to manual
___Manual to grind/slide
___Grind/slide to manual to grind/slide
___No comply flip manual
___Nose manual a manual pad, turn around and come back off the same side you came in from
___Bs 180 fakie manual
___Nose manual and give someone a high five (while in the manual)
___Nose manual pivot switch manual
___Kickflip manual 180 out
___Treflip manual
___Nose manual nollie flip out
___Manual 360 out
___Nose manual 360 out
___Manual 100ft+

30 pts
___Nollie 360 to a manual
___Nollie fs bigspin to manual
___Kickflip nosemanual halfcab out
___Regular or switch 360 to manual
___20 manual tricks (Can be a team effort)
___Nose manual shuv manual shuv out
___1 foot manual/nose manual (you have to pop into it)
___Fakie kickflip fakie manual
___Nose manual nollie treflip out
___Manual hardflip out
___Fakie bigflip to manual
___Switch treflip to manual

Flip Tricks and Grabs (Flatground, hips, ramps, or anything)

10 pts
___Nollie casper flip and casper flip in same line
___10 flip tricks in a row
___Hardflip double flip
___Bs flip double flip
___Treflip staple gun

20 pts
___Late fs 360 shuv
___Nollie lazer flip
___Nollie inward heel revert
___Grab indy then flip the board with your hand and land
___Ghetto bird
___Chris Cole flip (Heelflip 360 body varial)
___Fakie 540 bigflip
___Hardflip blindfolded
___Do the tre flip challenge
___Straight 8 (All stance kickflips and heelflips in a row)
___Treflip fs 180/revert(Treflip sex changes don't count)
___Kickflip, double flip, and triple flip in the same line
___540 shuv 360 body varial

30 pts
___Tre double flip
___Backside 360 heelflip
___Fs 360 kickflip
___Nollie inward heel revert
___Do a flip trick into a benihana
___Nollie grape flip (The board does a nollie bs flip and you do a bs 360 with it)
___Fakie/Nollie big inward heelflip
___15 tre flips in a row

Transition (quarter pipes, bowls, pools, mini ramps, etc. backyard is okay)

10 pts
___Fs 180 5050
___Shoot the moon on vert
___50-50 fs kickflip in
___Fs 5-0 fs 180
___Bs 5-0 bs 180
___Kickflip fs rock
___Double flip rock to fakie
___Bs flip on a quarter pipe
___Bs bigspin bs disaster
___Switch pivot to nollie
___Fs tail fs shuv

20 pts
___Blunt fingerflip
___Bs smith 360 out
___Treflip to fakie
___Bs flip to disaster
___Switch bs lip (Must be sliding)
___Bs nosepick to fakie
___Bigspin bs disaster revert out
___Fakie 270 pivot to fakie
___Fs board to regular
___Air out 3 ft+ on a quarter pipe
___Bs rock on vert
___3 teammates blunt to fakie at the same time
___Fs bigspin fs disaster
___Bs tail 360 out
___5-0 kickflip out

30 pts
___Half cab blunt fs 180 out
___Blunt treflip out
___Blunt bigspin out
___Manual to rock to fakie
___Blunt to bs noseblunt
___Kickflip bs tail
___Kickflip blunt kickflip out
___Disaster kickflip out

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Skate/Snow Perception Legit List

64 Transactions, 62 Different People

Skate Perception:

Mike Donahue (Baby Death)
ben_ericson (eS)
Bvskate8 (ipod)
The Boss(x2)(Skullcandy Icons)(Kodak Playsport zx3)
movinnorth(nixon watch)
jessealba (Skullcandy Skullcrushers)
CF (XBOX Wireless Adaptor)
jason808(Skullcandy GI's)
Arnel D.(Skate 3)
zlocal (Krew K Slim Snow Pants)
nikes (LG Neon)
Ieatgoose (Xbox 360)
yeahhhevan (Krooked and Rip N Dip Shirts)
NSBFTW (Sticker pack)
Chase G(Wolf Shirt and Flannel)
Jason808(Vivitar 7mm)
ChrisRussell(Zeiss Lens Wipes)
acid eyes(Canon 50mm 1.8/RVCA button up/2shirts)
brandonnicholson(Audio Technica mic atr-6550)
sebass (Canon 50mm 1.8)
OGmike (Alaska Wolf Shirt)
Frank. (PetSmart Shirt)
Palmer! (Vivitar 285hv)
themasterskaterbater (Vans AV low, Greg Hunt)

Reasons (Glasses)
PushDaily (Glasses) (Now Leif.)
elondon (Nike SB Blazers)
HarrysonT (And Now)
Lorhin (Matix Sweater)
joey skates (iPod)
new filmer (wachamacallit)
Louie (venture trucks)
babycrack (iPod)
xSoleFresh (vans)
SkatingDisaster (Xbox Wireless Adaptor)
CharlieWaffles (Blackberry Curve)
AnalMouth (iPod)
Tanner! (Blue Beanie)
crazychris741 (iPhone Screen Protector)
Tillerniller (Stickers)
Garrett V. (iPhone Screen Protector)
planb100 (Gears of War, Xbox 360)
TimWyatt (Emerica Laced)
mydogporkchop (Vans Sk8-Hi)
Jessemiller (x2) (Nike SB Harbors(two pairs, separate occasions))
coreysamson (iPhone Screen Protector)
NoahHasty (Blue Beanie)
north skater (Krew Jeans)
DrewK (Vans snapback)
notjackson (Opteka Babydeath)
Jamish (Habitat Cork Cruiser)
northpolefilms (Gravis Filter TT Samples)
dartharma (Supra Henry Boots)
Ashbury (Primitive pocket t)
Kevindabest12321 (Best Coast Shirt)
ManwithaCam003 (Vivitar 285hv)
dddrew. (Orisue denim)

joey9 (es wallet)
allybobbaisfresh (wheels)
Fate Skater (trucks/wheels/bearings)
cole664 (Emerica Laced/Kslims)
BenjiPond (t2i kit) (Forgot charger, took over a month to send.)

Snow Perception:

BakerRider (Two Shirts)
brandongriffin (Nomis Hoodie)(slowwwwwwww shipping)
Corben775 (Holden Jacket)

bzager (Century Optics Baby Death Lens)