Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Skater Vid Task List


General Rules.
-Entries must be at least 4 minutes long. No set maximum time limit.
-Entries must have at least 25 tasks completed.
-Entries must have a graphic for the total amount of points earned at the end of the edit.
-Entry deadline May 31

Bonus Tasks
30pts- 30mph Skitch
30pts- Reverse pole jam (Ollie into a pole jam)
20pts- Get 3 babes to smooch your lens (Must be babes)
10pts- nose bonk 3 shuv
10pts- no comply big heel

Miscellaneous (non-skating)

10 pts
___Win the taco bell game
___Eat 3 raw eggs
___Get kicked out of 3 restaurants
___Shotgun a beverage
___Catch a bird with your bare hands
___Shoulder tap prank 3 different strangers
___Cookout at a spot
___Make a DIY spot and skate it
___Glued quarter prank
___Roast marshmallows on lights
___Catch a fish
20 pts
___5 tasks in one clip
___Do 5 pull ups on a moving train/metro
___Drive by water balloon someone
___Dine and ditch
___Sticker slap a cop car
___Eat a worm
___Focus a board with no shoes on
___Throw a t.v./computer off of a roof
___Rollie-pollie off a loading dock

30 pts
___Jump off something 15+ feet into water
___Eat a bowl of cereal in a supermarket
___Swallow 10 pebbles
___Make a bubble bath in a public fountain
___Shave a teammates eyebrows

Miscellaneous (skating)

10 pts
___Do a flip trick over a fire
___Skate a backyard pool/halfpipe
___Kickflip into a grass hill bomb
___Do a trick over roadkill
___Make an unskateable spot skateable and skate it
___4+ person party line
___Skate a fence
___Barefoot line (3+ tricks)
___Switch wallie
___Self filmed line (3+ tricks)
___Skate inside a house
___Ollie a 4+ while on the phone
___Skate a tree
___Film a line and pass the camera off to another person during it
___Skate target balls
___Moving bro flip (one teammate ollies and the other flips the board. The teammate who did the ollie lands on the board)

20 pts
___Ollie off something 10ft+
___Kickflip footplant a team member
___Film a 3+ trick line in a store
___No comply a pole jam
___2 members of the team do a line while holding hands
___Throw up in the middle of a line
___Skate a 6+ in your boxers
___Skate a car
___Switch hill bomb
___Do a trick with fireworks
___Ollie to fakie on a quarter pipe and filmer grabs the board while in the air
___Powerslide a manual pad
___Fs wallride
___Powerslide through something on fire
___Footplant a fire hydrant
___Do a line on a filmer board (3+ tricks)
___Hang ten nollie 360 shuv (Both feet on the nose of the board)
___Ollie a roof into a pool

30 pt
___Hippie jump a picnic table
___Flip trick to wallride
___Caveman off a persons shoulders
___Wallie to grind/slide
___Treflip with your shoe laces tied together
___Skate an indoor set
___Noseslide body varial to bs tailslide
___Drop in blindfolded
___Ghost ride your car, get out do a fliptrick, and get back in
___Cut the kink off a rail and skate it
___Wallie to rocket air

Grinds and Slides (rails, ledges, handrails, etc.)

10 pts
___Bennett grind
___Gap to crook
___Bs hurricane
___Fs hurricane
___Double flip to boardslide
___10 tricks on a ledge in a row
___Bigspin to boardslide
___Bigspin out of a grind (no slides)
___Fs smith fs shuv out
___Fs board 360 shuv
___Willie grind a rail

20 pts
___Fs banana slide bigspin out (noseslide and tailslide at the same time)
___Bs banana slide
___Fs shuv nosegrind
___Nollie bs heelflip bs lip
___One foot fs board
___Kickflip bs feeble
___Grind slide grind (All in the same trick.)
___Grind to firecracker
___Kickflip fs 5-0
___Feeble to 50-50 to feeble on a rail (All in the same trick)
___Fs 5-0 bs bigspin out
___Fs board kickflip out
___Bs feeble to bs lip
___Fs boardslide to fs lip
___Bs tail varial kickflip out
___270 to lipslide
___Kickflip fs noseslide 270 out

30 pts
___Bs tail kickflip out
___Feeble kickflip out
___Flip trick in and out of a grind
___Nollie bs heelflip bs lip
___Bs boardslide to switch fs boardslide
___Natas spin
___Switch fs blunt
___Bigflip fs board
___Combo grind a ledge/rail (4+ grinds in the same trick)
___Fs 5-0 treflip out
___Fs blunt bigspin out
___Fs tailslide hardflip out
___Bs 270 bs tailslide
___5-0 10ft+ on a round rail

Handrails and Hubbas (no flatbars or flat ledges)

10 pts
___Filmer hit a handrail
___Bs crook 6+
___Bs feeble 6+
___Fs board 6+
___Line with 2 handrails/hubbas
___Fs smith a 6+
___Bs board a 10+
___Footplant on a handrail

20 pts
___Caveman fs lip a handrail
___Do a trick on a handrail/hubba while drinking something
___50-50 bs 180 a 6+
___Bs lip a 7+
___Nollie crook a 6+
___Skate a handrail with your trucks backwards.
___3 consecutive tricks on a handrail/hubba
___Do a trick on a handrail to manual
___Bro 50-50 down a handrail (one person holds a board on the rail and the other jumps on the board)

30 pts
___Fliptrick into a grind/slide
___5 tricks down a 8+
___Skate a handrail switch
___Drop in 50-50 a handrail
___Skate up a handrail
___Skate a handrail in your boxers
___5-0 a round handrail 7+
___Koston grind a 6+ (Nollie fs 180 switch bs feeble)
___Noseblunt a hubba
___Fs blunt a 7+
___Kickflip bs tail a handrail/hubba

Stairs and Gaps
+2 points extra for every step above requirement

10 pts
___Triple flip a 4+
___Kickflip up 4+
___Body varial down a 4+
___Manny to ollie a 4+
___Hardflip and inward heel the same set 4+
___4 heelflip variations down a 4+
___Ollie highfive a 5+
___2 members of the team do a trick down a 5+ at the same time
___Ollie a 5+ with shoes on the opposite feet
___No comply up a 3+

20 pts
___No comply a 6+
___Ollie up a 5+
___Every kickflip down a 4+ (switch, nollie, fakie, regular)
___No comply flip a 5+
___6 tricks down a 6+
___Polejam a board over a gap or set
___Biggerspin a 4+
___Bigflip a 6+
___360 shuv a 6+
___Halfcab heel a 6+
___Airwalk a 7+
___Impossible a 4+
___Nollie bigspin a 6+
___Fingerflip a 5+
___Powerslide firecracker a 4+
___5 180 tricks down a 5+
___Hardflip a 6+
___Boneless a 10+
___10 tricks down a 4+
___3 fakie/nollie tricks down a 5+
___Ollie a 4+ onto someone elses board

30 pts
___Fullcab kickflip a 4+
___Firecracker 7+
___Ollie a 15+
___Backside Halfcab down 7+ (the blind way)
___Backside Flip then Half-cab flip two 4+ sets in a row
___Nollie Varial Flip 7+
___Any grab down a 14+
___Fakie kickflip a 10+
___Double flip a double set
___Switch ollie a 10+
___Nollie flip a 8+
___Late flip any set
___Ollie a 4+ blindfolded
___Early grab an 8+ (No ollie just go as fast as you can, grab the board, and float over the set)
___Ollie a roof gap with someone standing in the gap
___Fliptrick off a roof
___360 inward heel a 5+
___Ollie a 4+ onto another board

+2 points extra for every step above requirement

10 pts
___Wallie to manual
___Pop shuv manual
___10 manual tricks
___Inverted manual
___Manual kickflip out

20 pts
___Grind/slide to manual
___Manual to grind/slide
___Grind/slide to manual to grind/slide
___No comply flip manual
___Nose manual a manual pad, turn around and come back off the same side you came in from
___Bs 180 fakie manual
___Nose manual and give someone a high five (while in the manual)
___Nose manual pivot switch manual
___Kickflip manual 180 out
___Treflip manual
___Nose manual nollie flip out
___Manual 360 out
___Nose manual 360 out
___Manual 100ft+

30 pts
___Nollie 360 to a manual
___Nollie fs bigspin to manual
___Kickflip nosemanual halfcab out
___Regular or switch 360 to manual
___20 manual tricks (Can be a team effort)
___Nose manual shuv manual shuv out
___1 foot manual/nose manual (you have to pop into it)
___Fakie kickflip fakie manual
___Nose manual nollie treflip out
___Manual hardflip out
___Fakie bigflip to manual
___Switch treflip to manual

Flip Tricks and Grabs (Flatground, hips, ramps, or anything)

10 pts
___Nollie casper flip and casper flip in same line
___10 flip tricks in a row
___Hardflip double flip
___Bs flip double flip
___Treflip staple gun

20 pts
___Late fs 360 shuv
___Nollie lazer flip
___Nollie inward heel revert
___Grab indy then flip the board with your hand and land
___Ghetto bird
___Chris Cole flip (Heelflip 360 body varial)
___Fakie 540 bigflip
___Hardflip blindfolded
___Do the tre flip challenge
___Straight 8 (All stance kickflips and heelflips in a row)
___Treflip fs 180/revert(Treflip sex changes don't count)
___Kickflip, double flip, and triple flip in the same line
___540 shuv 360 body varial

30 pts
___Tre double flip
___Backside 360 heelflip
___Fs 360 kickflip
___Nollie inward heel revert
___Do a flip trick into a benihana
___Nollie grape flip (The board does a nollie bs flip and you do a bs 360 with it)
___Fakie/Nollie big inward heelflip
___15 tre flips in a row

Transition (quarter pipes, bowls, pools, mini ramps, etc. backyard is okay)

10 pts
___Fs 180 5050
___Shoot the moon on vert
___50-50 fs kickflip in
___Fs 5-0 fs 180
___Bs 5-0 bs 180
___Kickflip fs rock
___Double flip rock to fakie
___Bs flip on a quarter pipe
___Bs bigspin bs disaster
___Switch pivot to nollie
___Fs tail fs shuv

20 pts
___Blunt fingerflip
___Bs smith 360 out
___Treflip to fakie
___Bs flip to disaster
___Switch bs lip (Must be sliding)
___Bs nosepick to fakie
___Bigspin bs disaster revert out
___Fakie 270 pivot to fakie
___Fs board to regular
___Air out 3 ft+ on a quarter pipe
___Bs rock on vert
___3 teammates blunt to fakie at the same time
___Fs bigspin fs disaster
___Bs tail 360 out
___5-0 kickflip out

30 pts
___Half cab blunt fs 180 out
___Blunt treflip out
___Blunt bigspin out
___Manual to rock to fakie
___Blunt to bs noseblunt
___Kickflip bs tail
___Kickflip blunt kickflip out
___Disaster kickflip out